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Russian Realpolitik at Work in the Middle East

Visits to Moscow on successive days by two Middle Eastern leaders highlight how Russia’s importance in the region has grown over the past couple of years.

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Hungary has an obligation to defend the Schengen borders

Protecting the external border of the EU remains essential to maintaining security and the freedom of movement in the Schengen Area

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Trump’s 19th-century foreign policy

His views aren’t as confused as they seem. In fact, they’re remarkably consistent — and they have a long history.

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Nato and EU face collapse if they fail to stop Russian aggression, warn experts

Chatham House study calls for the West to increase the strength of its conventional military forces and start ‚defending its principles’ Nato and the European Union “could collapse” in the face of increasing aggression from Russia, which has been emboldened … Czytaj dalej

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How Riga was perceived in Berlin

Gustav Gressel, ECFR Berlin Officre

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A Partnership Boost: Poland and Romania Amidst Regional Security Challenges

A public lecture by Dr. Bogdan Aurescu Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania

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Frozen: The politics and economics of sanctions against Russia

By Ian Bond, Christian Odendahl and Jennifer Rankin

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A prophetic speech in 1994 by the late Estonian president Lennart Meri

Address by H.E. Lennart Meri, President of the Republic of Estonia, at a Matthiae-Supper in Hamburg on February 25, 1994

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The eurozone is no place for poor countries

Written by Simon Tilford, 27 June 2014 The economic rationale for poorer countries joining the eurozone was that it would hasten economic convergence between themselves and the richer members of the currency union. They would benefit from a stable macroeconomic … Czytaj dalej

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After 8 months of conflict, what’s next for Ukraine?

By Michael Pearson, CNN (CNN) — More than 2,000 lives lost. A vast and unfolding humanitarian crisis. And the downing of a civilian airliner that shocked the world. It’s hard to imagine — but true — that the raging conflict … Czytaj dalej

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