Statement of the Visegrád 4 countries on 14 December 2017

Leaders of the Visegrád 4 countries decided today, that beyond their contributions to different assistance programs in EU framework and on bilateral basis, they support the implementation of the Project led by the Italian government in cooperation with the Commission aimed at protecting the borders in Libya.

 The Project has originally been initiated and continues to be led by Italy and has been identified by the Commission as a key project in the context of the European efforts but lacking sufficient financial resources. The Visegrád countries offered full financing of the second phase of the Project in the amount of 35 million euros and offered their cooperation in its implementation.

The financial effort and the readiness in the implementation of the Project is another demonstration of the Visegrád 4 countries of their conviction that the migratory pressure on Europe can only be efficiently tackled by ensuring the protection of external borders, while addressing the root causes.





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