Grand Designs: Does China Have A „ Grand Strategy”?


European Council on Foreign Relations, London, October 2017. pp. 12 

Do China’ s leaders have – from Introduction by Angela Stanzel- long term direction of their country. For a while now China Thinkers have been discussing this very question, even speaking about the parameters of an all-encompassing” grand strategy” for China.

As early as 2011 , one of the Chinese’s leading thinkers, Wang Jisi, Dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, wrote that any country’s grand strategy must , at the very least, answer what the nation’s core interest’s are, what external forces pose a threat, and how the leadership can safeguard its interests. Wang, however, also noted that: “ Whether China has any such strategy today is open to debate” and that”(…) the Chinese government has yet to disclose any document that comprehensively expounds the country’s strategic goals and the ways to achieve them”

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