The Struggle for Ukraine


Timothy Ash, Janet Gunn, John Lough, Orysia Lutsevyvh,
James Nixey, James Sherr and Kataryna Wolczuk

Chatham House, London 2017, pp. 94

Four years since the start of its Euromaidan revolution, Ukraine is fighting for its survival as an independent and viable state. Ukrainians took to the streets in late 2013 in protest as their governement’s suspention, under pressure from Russsia, of plans for a closer relationship with the European Union. While their activism forced President Victor Yanukovych from power a hostile response from Russia, which annexed Crimea in early 2014, started a territorial conflict in eastern Ukraine, and continues to try to fragment and enfeeble its neighbour.

This report is partly about Ukraine’s struggle to hold together and resist Russia’s interference and pressure – in military, diplomatic, economic, and media spheres. But is also about a related internal contest to determine the political, institutional and civic future of Ukraine.

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