Divided at the Centre: Germany, Poland, and the Troubles of the Trump Era


Piotr Buras& Josef Janning
European Council on Foreign Relations, December 2018, pp. 33

Berlin and Warsaw have very different ideas about how to respond to the challenge Trumpe’s presidency poses to Europe. While Germany emphasizes the need to strengthen Europe’s resilience and unity, the Polish response has been to embrae the opportunities of the new political reality and enhance its bilateral partnership with the US.
These differing approaches may aggravate the crisis in the Polish-German bilateral relationship and negativity affect the European Union’s defence integration and arms control policies.
Warsaw should use NATO as framework for discussions on strengthening the American military presence in Poland. Germany should be open to a strategic debate on the issue and no longer hide behind concerns about NATO-Russia Founding Act ( which Russia has abrogated)
Instead of talking about “ European sovereignty” , Poland and Germany sould join other member states in clearly defining the vulnerabilities that EU as a whole must address including those resulting from US policy

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