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Fifteen Taiwan Products Rated as World Leaders

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China, and the public-sector Institute for Information Industry (III) recently completed a survey of new Taiwan products rated as international market leaders. According to its survey, the number of Taiwan products rated first in terms of production value in the global marketplace increased from eight to 15 items. Computer products accounted for nine items, indicating that the upgrading of Taiwan manufacturing is making substantial progress.
Network cards, modems, mice, computer keyboards, graphic cards, power supplies and electronic fiber cloth were among the seven new entries on the list of products in which Taiwan is a world leader. The global market shares of Taiwan-made mainboards stands at 74%, of mice at 65%, of image scanners at 64%, and of computer keyboards at 61%. Some 61% of all modems, 55% of all power supplies, 53% of all monitors were produced in Taiwan as well.
The IDB indicated that the production value of Taiwan's emerging industries last year was US$ 47 billion, with this total projected to rise to US$ 74.2 billion by the year 2000. The value of technology-intensive products, which accounted for only 24% of industrial output in 1986, reached 37.5% last year. Estimates suggest that this figure will increase to about 40% by the year 2000. IDB Director Wang Ya-kang added that Taiwan has already become the leading global center for product manufacturing and supply. He also noted that in recent years Taiwan companies have invested in approximately 20,000 production lines abroad, with raw materials, components, machinery and molds all supplied by Taiwan.
Taiwan Products Rated as World Leaders
Note: *Rated by export value
Source: Industrial Development Bureau, Institute for Information Industry
Trade Promotion in Global Village
Taiwanese perspective
In a very short time 10 countries from Central and Eastern Europe will join the European Union. Thanks to it the companies from these countries will get direct access to great market of the European Union. However at the same time they will have to face a tough competition on their local markets from other companies in the European Union and the rest of the world.
For this reason it is important to learn, how the big trading nations promote their trade on international markets.
There is no doubt that Taiwan belongs to the biggest traders in the world. Its trade volume places this country among the 15th largest trading nations. The trade volume reached USD 288 billion in 2000 and USD 229 billion in 2001, despite the world recession. Thanks to its trade surplus each year Taiwan hard currency reserves are growing. Taiwan takes third place in the world, in respect of its hard currency reserves.
When we take into consideration that Taiwan is a small island of 31 000 km2, with just 23 million inhabitants, and that practically there are not any raw materials on the island; the figures mentioned above are very impressive. Besides these tremendous trade results of Taiwan are achieved by small and medium size companies, since they represent about 95% of Taiwanese economy.
Taiwan economic achievements in international trade are resulting first of all from the hard work of thousands of manufacturing and trading companies. But thanks to Taiwan's wise economic policy, efforts of these companies are getting support from experienced and influential organizations such as CETRA and the Export-Import Bank, Taiwan.
CETRA is a foremost and professional trade promotion organization with 600 employees, 37 branch offices around the world including 10 branches in Europe. CETRA has been recently ranked as top number one or number two, among the world trade centers globally in terms of quality of services.
The organization was founded in 1970 to promote Taiwan's foreign trade, as well as, provide comprehensive trade-related services to domestic and foreign business communities. It has greatly contributed to the rapid trade development of Taiwan for the past two decades, so called an economic miracle.
One of the ways in which CETRA is involved in trade promotion activities is organization of outbound trade delegations of Taiwanese businessmen.
The Export-Import Bank, Taiwan, founded in 1979; mission is to provide financial services to domestic manufacturers in expanding foreign trade with an aim to create employment and sustain economic development. Eximbank's main business is to offer various medium and longterm financing and guarantee services to assist in the export of capital goods such as turn key plants and machinery; to help win bids for overseas construction projects; to aid in the import of sophisticated equipment, essential raw materials and foreign technology in order to upgrade the industrialization of Taiwanese sectors. Eximbank also provides a wide range of export credit insurance services to protect Taiwan exporters from the risk of non-payment by foreign buyers for political and commercial reasons.
Eximbank established a strategic alliance with CETRA in September 2001, for the purpose of expanding its services through CETRA's global network, further enabling Eximbank to promote the export of machinery manufactured in Taiwan and strengthen the export competitiveness of Taiwanese companies. Main Eximbank's strategies to this aim are developing business opportunities and diversifying export market risks. To this end, Eximbank established representative new offices in Warsaw, Poland and Sao Paulo, Brazil apart from its existing representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In order to promote export of Taiwanese products, Eximbank provided funds to several banks in Russia and Poland, and is negotiating such transactions in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The offered funds can be relented by the respective banks to local buyers for purchase of machinery and other manufactured goods from Taiwan.
An excellent illustration of the implementation of CETRA and Eximbank strategic alliance to promote trade, can be Taiwan Trade Mission to Poland, Ukraine and Czech, which took place from November 16 till December 1st, 2002.
Trade delegation was representing 37 companies and organizations from different fields of Taiwanese trade and industry. The companies were offering wide range of Taiwan made products such as: screws, bolts, nuts, furniture, interior lighting, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, computer accessories, T-grid, metal ceiling tiles, electronic components, fitness equipment, transmission belts and aluminum composite panel production line.
The preparation for the mission has started long time before mission began. Through the CETRA offices in Poland and Moscow, and Taiwan Representative offices in Europe, information about forthcoming trade mission was distributed among business circles in Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Based on reaction of interested companies meetings between each of Taiwanese exporters and local potential buyers were scheduled.
Trade mission provided that in each respective country Taiwanese delegation will spend 3 days. During first day, the members were briefed about the economic and market situation in the country they were visiting. The second day trade meetings were arranged between Taiwanese exporters and potential buyers, combined with small exhibition of Taiwanese products. During third day members of trade delegation were visiting local companies to continue business meetings.
During the whole visit trade delegation was accompanied by representatives of the Export-Import Bank, Taiwan, which could support exporters of Taiwanese products with medium and long term credits offered at attractive terms; and provide buyer's credit to some local importers.
Apart from it, part of the delegation representing trade organizations and associations, was studying business and investment opportunities in visited countries. To this aim many meetings were arranged with chambers of commerce, trade associations and other local organizations, as well as, visits to trading centers were organized.
Gathered information will be provided to potential Taiwanese investors interested in Central and Eastern Europe Region.
Thanks to an excellent organization of the mission, many contracts were signed and business contacts initiated, contributing to development of trade between Taiwan and Central and Eastern Europe countries.
Jerchin Lee
Taiwan Trade Center Warsaw
Dr. Jerzy Rzymanek
Export-Import Bank, Taiwan
Representative Office, Warsaw

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