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Taiwan's Advantage

Jeremy M. Horng
Taiwan Trade Center Warsaw, Director

Firstly, Taiwan is an innovation and hi-tech oriented nation. Taiwan's total number of patents registered in the U.S. in 2001 amounted to 6,545, of which 3003 were hi-tech patents, while machinery, electronics and telecommunications accounted for 2699 items. Taiwan ranked 4th in the world, behind the U.S., Japan and Germany.
Secondly, Strategic Gateway to Asia-Pacific and beyond
Taiwan is strategically located at the crossroads of three leading Asian economic regions (1) North East Asia (2) China (3) the ASEAN nations.
In terms of shipping, the average time from Taiwan to 5 major regional harbors (Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila) is 53 hours. On the other hand, the average flight time from Taiwan to 7 major cities in the western Pacific is less than 3 hours.
Taiwan's well-developed logistical infrastructure, along with specialized service providers, help integrate Taiwan into a global logistical network.
That is capable of tapping into surrounding markets, including the Western Pacific nations, Southeast Asian countries, and China.
Thirdly, Competitive Industrial Cluster
In 20 years, Taiwan has dramatically transformed itself into a high value and technology-driven economy from its former "black hand" low-cost, low value economy. Technology-intensive industries account for more than 50% of Taiwan's manufacturing output, and the ratio continues to grow.
Adding value to hi-tech capabilities depends on steadily rising R&D expenditures. The ratio of R&D expenditure in relation to GDP has soared from 0.6% in 1986 to 3% in 2002.
Taiwan's leading manufacturing industries are characterized by strong vertical integration with a complete range of upstream manufacturing plants that supply downstream assembly lines.
Thanks to these competitive advantages, Taiwan industries now rank first in world output, in such areas as foundries, LCD panels and monitors, notebook PC, mainboards, ADSL modem, network cards, graphic cards, bicycles, polyester fiber, electronic glass fiber cloth, ABS resins, and etc.
Fourthly, Greater Capital Availability
By the end of 2002, Taiwan Ranks 3rd among the nations with the highest foreign exchange reserves and is one of the nations holding the most gold reserves. Apart from this, Taiwan has one of the most well-developed and proactive venture capitalists in the world.
In 2002, Taiwan's financial assets totaled 885 billion US dollars, per capita assets was 388 million US dollars.
Fifthly, Entrepreneurial and Expertise
The market environment on the island is characterized by high entrepreneurial spirit, innovative foresight, marketing agility, and business flexibility.
Taiwan has more than 133,000 manufacturers. They all have close relations and connections in the respective sector whatever for vertical or horizontal network. Also Taiwan has more than 646,000 trading companies.
In addition, another key factor behind Taiwan's cutting edge in industries and trading is the availability of high-quality human resources.
A high percentage of Taiwanese university graduates choose to complete further studies overseas, returning with multi-lingual skills, as well as advanced knowledge in their respective field.
According to World Economic Forum's survey on Competitiveness rankings 2003, which was just released on the 30th of October. Taiwan ranked 5th on the growth competitiveness index rankings, and 16th on the business competitiveness index rankings among 102 countries.
According to Institute for Management Development in Geneva, IMD's world competitiveness ranking, Taiwan ranked 7th in 2002, and 6th this year.
What is CETRA
CETRA, the China External Trade Development Council, founded on July 1, 1970, is a non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan.
CETRA has a staff of more than 700 people in Taipei and operates more than 30 branch offices worldwide. Taiwan Trade Center Warsaw is one of the branch offices.
CETRA provides two-way trade promotion, services as the following:
Introducing business and trade opportunities to Taiwanese and international businesspersons.
Answering trade enquiries.
Organizing trade mission for meeting in foreign countries, or to participate in overseas trade fairs.
Collecting and disseminating trade information, CETRA publishes a "Taiwan Products" magazine and electronic commercial paper.
Conducting market research for domestic and overseas markets.
Organizing Taipei Trade Shows, there are currently 20-22 shows per annum. In particular, the computer show, COPUTEX TAIPEI is one of a few leading shows in the world.
Operating the Taiwan Trade Website, The comprehensive national trade portal on commerce and International trade, is an eTrading Hub designed to assist global traders to do business with Taiwan. Taiwan trade website will lead you effortlessly to a great variety of quality Taiwan products. Everything you need is already under one roof! Polish bussinesspeople more then are welcome to register as a Taiwan Trade website member to gain access to all kinds of trade tools and services. Moreover it's totally free of charge.
Assistance in the product design CETRA has a division, the Design Promotion Center (DPC) to raise the level of design in Taiwan and upgrade the quality, image, and competitiveness of Taiwan-made products on world markets.
Operating the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), Purpose-built to meet all the requirements of international conference organizers with state-of-the-art facilities and an uncompromisingly high standard of service, it has everything needed to make any congress. Its total seating capacities is more than 5,500 with different kind of rooms.
Operating an International Trade Institute and conducting management training and trade-related courses.
Taiwan Trade Center Warsaw is a branch office of CETRA in Poland. We are dedicated to provide a wide spectrum of services to both Taiwanese and Polish traders and manufacturers. We are at your service anytime!
Next I would talk about how to do business with Taiwan
Firstly, to meet with the rapidly changing situation in the world, it is necessary to continuously collect and analyze the trade related information. Market research and information collection is one of the routine jobs of CETRA. We have printed or electronic information ready to offer.
Secondly, participating in Taipei Trade Shows
For the last 30 years, trade show has become one of the most effective marketing tools. CETRA organizes more than 20 trade shows every year. Whatever you want to buy products in Taiwan, or to sell products to global market, the best and most cost-effective way is participating in Taipei Trade Shows. If you would know more details, please visit the website
Thirdly, doing business through website. Membership is free! Establish your own personalized page and receive information customized to your own needs. You will automatically be alerted to:
Trade leads
New suppliers
Replies to enquiries
Catalogue search
Business exchange
Events from Taiwan Trade-promotions
Fourthly, setting up a marketing point in Taiwan.
To approach the buyers or sellers in Taiwan, I suggest that you set up an office in Taiwan. By so doing, you may tighten the relationship with the buyers and sellers, and in turn become partners.
Fifthly, Joint-venturing with Taiwanese companies.
Due to increasing manufacturing cost, many manufacturers in Taiwan have shifted their business from manufacturing to marketing and selling only. They go abroad to locate business partners and produce products in foreign countries. Nowadays, many world-renowned big names in traditional industries and IT sectors have their products designed and manufactured and delivered by their Taiwanese partners. I warmly welcome the Polish businesspersons to cooperate with Taiwanese counterparts to tap into the world market in a way or another.
If you need any service, please don't hesitate to call Taiwan Trade Center Warsaw at Tel No.: 022-6060290.

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