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Meeting of Central and Eastern European Foreign Policy Magazines "Publishing in the Wider Europe"

Conclusion of the discussions held in Vienna Oct 22-24, 2004

As a result of our common discussions the following results/recommendations can be identified:
All participants agreed that the initiative to come together for the Vienna meeting proved to be interesting and helpful for them regarding personal contact, mutual information and common interests concerning the editorial work of Eastern European foreign policy magazines. It therefore seems worth while to organise a follow-up-meeting, possibly in autumn 2005 or in 2006. Meeting point could be either Potsdam ("WeltTrends" will check the possibilities) or another city of Central or Eastern Europe. Proposals are welcome. Maybe the next meeting could also be in 2006 in Estonia, where a big conference of foreign policy scientists is planned, according to the information of the Czech participants of our Vienna meeting. There was also a proposal made by the Ukrainian participants to meet in Kiev next time.
To improve network communication between the participants of the Vienna meeting (and further cooperation partners who are interested to join), "WeltTrends" will establish a yahoo-group. It should be used for mutual information on planned contents of magazines, but also as exchange platform for requests and offers of articles to be published.
The idea was supported that the various policy magazines inform their readers about similar magazines in other Central and Eastern European countries. "WeltTrends," for example, will start with a series of short presentations of the magazines that have participated in Vienna from the next volume onwards and will present one magazine in each following volume. The same could be organized by other magazines.
The proposal was made that the editors of the magazines organise an exchange of hard copies among each other.
Another step of cooperation could be advertising of the magazines among each other to inform their readers of similar types of magazines in other countries as a source of information on foreign policy research results in this field.
The whole initiative should be named "Central European Publishers Network" ("CEPN").
The editors of the various magazines make proposals, which additional magazines, which have not been present in Vienna, could be invited to join the network. "WeltTrends" will collect proposals and will communicate them.
It should be tried to check out if funds from the European Union are available to support part of the future activities of CEPN.
In order to promote further activities of networking to make the results of the Vienna meeting sustainable, "WeltTrends" takes the lead for the next steps an will be supported by the Renner-Institute (the host of the first meeting) and the host organization of the next planned meeting, as soon as it is clear, who will be the inviting magazine/foundation of the next meeting.
This short resume is an open list and will be communicated by "WeltTrends" via the new yahoo-group that has already been established to all participants, kindly asking them to make their comments and proposals until end of December 2004 with the aim to draft a final conclusion paper of the Vienna meeting which will again be communicated to all participants in January 2005.

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