China Homelife Show 2017- the connection between Poland and China under the “Belt and Road”

—- Feng Ping

Jerzy Daniel Rzymanek

From June 6th to June 8th, at the Exhibition Center PTAK WARSAW EXPO in Nadarzyn, there was hold the sixth China Homelife Show 2017 to promote the concept of “Belt and Road” . It build a platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe.


This was the sixth Polish edition of the event. The China Homelife Show 2017 was jointed organized by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government,  by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, and co-organized by CCPIT of Henan Province,  Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiangmen  Bureau of Commerce, Exhibition Center of  Department of Commerce of Hu Nan Province, Han Zhou Business Council, Merient international Exhibition Center, and so on. It was supported by  European Parliament’s  office in Poland.


It was the biggest fair for China to exhibit in Poland and East European countries and also one of the most important economic and trade activities for China under the “Belt and Road”. There were 1300 exhibitors and about 60,000 products were presented. During the exhibition period, there wre also 1500 buyers from other East European countries to discuss with exhibitors. Mainly from Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine.


In the opening ceremony at 10 o’clock on 6th of June, the Chinese Ambassador to Poland Mr. Xu Jian, the Chinese Business Counselor in Poland Liu Lijuan, Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce Director Liu Xiaoming, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Mr. Zhu Jun, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce Zang Yaogang , Mr. Chen Xuanyuan, Representative of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Mr. Pan Jianjun, Chairman of the International Orchestra o Merient International in China have attended the ceremony.


From the Polish side, Mr. Richard Chienecki; Vice-President of the European Parliament on behalf of the Polish Parliament, Mr. Ziek; Mr. Adam, the mayor of Poland; on behalf of the President of the Board of Directors of the President of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Richard Marcin Kozak, and Mr. Thomas, General Manager of the PTAK Exhibition Center, attended the opening ceremony.


Historical relations between China and Poland are very deep. Poland is one of first countries that established good relations with China. China is also one of the most important partners for Poland in Asia. The relations between China and Poland develop fast in economic, cultural and other areas. In 2016, President Duda has visited China and President Xi returned the visit to Poland to strengthen the “strategic partnership” between China and Poland. Recently, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło visited China to attend the ‘Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation. China and Poland view each other as important partners under the “16+1” Forum. Poland is also a very important country for China to open the market in Europe. The amount of bilateral trade between China and Poland increase significantly. According to Eurostat statistics, from January to May 2016, the import and export volume of goods between Poland and China was $ 6.92 billion, up by 5.2%. Poland’s imports from China were US $ 6.15 billion, up 7.0%, accounting for 7.8% of the total imports of Poland, an increase of 0.5%, accounting for 0.9% of Poland’s total exports, down 0.1% percentage point.


China has become the second largest export market, and second largest import countries for Poland. Poland view “16+1” Formula as important forum for economic cooperation with China. China view Poland as important transport logistic joint for Eurasian continent, and a country to connect “silk road” with “Amber Road.” Both countries expect  to deep cooperation with each other.


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