Poland and US sign bilateral defense procurement agreement

Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak and US ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein signed a Reciprocal Defense Procurement Agreement (RDPA) in Warsaw on Thursday. The deal is aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation in security and defense by “greatly” reducing barriers to trading defense articles between the two countries, a statement on the American embassy’s website reads.

The accord requires both countries to give up national preference in purchasing weapons. They must also exchange information related to the purchase of arms, as well as protect acquired technology and intellectual property, including software, said the Polish Ministry of National Defense in a statement.

Contract opportunities for Polish and American firms in the the US and Poland, respectively, are expected to increase following the signature of the RDPA.

“The agreement reflects confidence in the Polish defense industry and in the dedication and skill of the Polish workforce, and will foster job growth, create greater value for customers as a result of increased competition, and provide added stimulus to the economies of both countries as we face global economic challenges,” stated the American embassy.

The US already has this type of agreement with 19 countries, including the majority of EU countries, reported the defense ministry. However, this is the first such deal to have been signed since 1995.

by Ella Pałka

Źródło: Warsaw Business Journal, September 9th 2011
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