The portrait of the sea—Photography of Michał Browarski

Joanna Paszkiewicz-Jagers
Art critique

The portrait of the sea-color and symmetry. Is it still photography or already painting? And maybe both? Two types of art combined in one by the binding power of the authors, Michał Browarski’s talent. Talent and we as may add his extraordinary, steady hard work and over thirty years experience in the profession-also diveded in two, as a reporter and photographer. The photographer as an artist experiences in the emotional manner while the reporter sharpens his senses to testify the truth of the moment. Both skills were united by Michał Browarski making the photographs of the Baltic sea. That specific “Portrait of the sea” double portrait combining documen-tary and art is a crowing of his previous career. During thirty years of work I presume that he was more of the reporter based upon his experience and temperament. But during ten years of work on the Baltic photographed at the all times of nigth and day he has worked differently. He has worked just for himself and was alone.

The sea that he portrayed is clear. Absent, almost free from the human presence. We get the picture of something, which is commonly and how accurately called the “element of the sea”. We get to keep the reporter’s particularity: The stone formed by water remains the stone, wet send-send, the moonlight reflection is still moon, but we get at the added value of the powerful beauty of the sea. The feeling of beauty is most fully conveyed onto us through the color. Michal Browarski has always been interested in the color of the landscape, but only in his “Baltic” pictures he had fully exposed his sensitivity to the color. The subtle range he uses is beyond imagination. Through it we experience the harmony, the feeling we would get standing ourselves at the contemplating its beauty.

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